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Interview with digital nomad #3, Drop Shipping Entrepreneur, Larissa

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Published on 17 Mar 2018 / In People & Blogs

My encounter with Larissa, drop shipping entrepreneur in Chiang Mai. Another interview on Wakey Wakey TV, dewiragi.com.

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See full post at: http://dewiragi.com/3-intervie....w-live-life-way-seri

I met Larissa at the digital nomad summit organised in Chiang Mai ten days ago. She spontaneously agreed to participate in a Wakey Wakey interview, and I’m glad to share this video post with you. Larissa is a drop shipping entrepreneur. Don’t worry, she’s going to tell you all about it. See the video of her interview

Drop Shipping 101

In a nutshell, this is what occurs in a drop shipping transaction: a drop shipping entrepreneur receives an order, that he forwards directly to his supplier, who then ships the product directly to the customer. As simple as that. On paper, that is.

Drop shipping is a tempting endeavour for an entrepreneur nowadays. There’s that almost vulgar idea that making big bucks as a drop shipping entrepreneur is an easy matter. There’s much more to it than that, and, as it is with every venture, hard work is required to succeed.

Based on my talks with Larissa, and some research on the web, I have listed below the apparent advantages and downsides of drop shipping. I also added the challenges every potential drop shipper has to face when starting off. .

See full post at: http://dewiragi.com/3-intervie....w-live-life-way-seri

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